TikToker gives honest opinions of Cheshunt after town voted ‘one of England’s worst places to live’ in 2023

A TikToker has slammed Cheshunt in a satirical video after paying the Hertfordshire town a visit. Digital creator Phil Carr slated Cheshunt after posting a video on Monday (April 17) in a recent satirical TikTok video posted to his followers.

Phil – who has more than 570,000 followers on the social media site – often visits areas across the UK to give them a guide to the area. In his first visit to Cheshunt, Phil mentions that the area is the 20th worst place to live in the country after a survey from iLiveHere announced the worst places to live in England in 2023.

The popular website ilivehere.co.uk had a poll running that allowed people to vote for the worst place in the country, and it revealed that Stevenage and Cheshunt were named in the top 50 worst places to live in England in 2023, according to the iLiveHere poll.

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The social media personality has produced guides for several years now, and he usually feels “excitement” and is “intrigued” about a specific area. However, he joked he “did not feel anything” and was “numb” when visiting Cheshunt.

Phil joked about the many things he “loves” about the area. He said: “I love how there’s a dress code, you either get to wear an Arsenal shirt or a Tottenham shirt. I love how everyone in a car is either hard on the accelerator or hard on brakes, it really makes you appreciate life each day.”

He also humorously made fun of the area’s car drivers who “frantically honk” and wave at people in pubs enjoying a drink. He also poked fun at people in cars and their homes who choose music to blast out which “the whole town wants to listen to” and “inflicts it upon them” whether they like it or not.

The satirical TikToker does praise its “trump card” which is the nearby Lee Valley Country Park in Enfield. He states that Cheshunt being the 20th worst place to live in England in 2023 is “harsh” or if the Hertfordshire area “making a national list of any kind is actually a hell of an achievement”.

However, we believe Cheshunt has been hard done by and has been given a harsh review. Cheshunt is home to The Old Pond, which is a historical landmark in the Hertfordshire area.

The centre serves as a primarily food and drink convenience role, and it is supported by independent and outlet business which surround it. The Old Pond is also home to a number of important community, leisure and health facilities.

The iconic Cheshunt Old Pond fountain may need to undergo a overhaul
The iconic Cheshunt Old Pond fountain

These include: Grundy Park, a large open space featuring a play area and football pitches; the Laura Trott Leisure Centre, providing leisure and community facilities; Cheshunt Library and the Community Hospital; as well as Cheshunt Youth Connections, home to youth services and other community facilities.

Cheshunt’s Cedars Park also offers residents with picturesque gardens, ponds and walking trails on the grounds of a 16th-century royal property. One resident said: “I always have a great time in this park. Lots of outdoor activities to choose from for both children and grown ups. My personal favourite is the maze and also we can learn a little bit of history.

“I haven’t been to the Nature centre yet, but it is on my list. The park is locked after a certain time so make sure you check the opening times for the month and if you go by car be aware you have to remove it otherwise it will be locked.”

Cheshunt has Jump City – Hertfordshire’s ‘best’ Trampoline Park – where people come enjoy extravagant experiences with friends and families. The area also has the Tesco headquarters, located in New Tesco House on Delamare Road.

But do you agree with the satirical TikToker? You can vote by using our poll below, or alternatively you can get involved by clicking here.


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