Stevenage mayor leads calls for broken glass to be cleared from town’s cycleways

The new mayor of Stevenage has led calls for glass to be removed from the town’s cycleways as more residents take up cycling in the town.

Mayor Jim Brown reported that “there has been a huge percentage increase” in the number of people cycling and walking around Stevenage since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stevenage cycleways are often littered with broken glass. Picture: Cycling UK

At a meeting of the borough council’s executive on Wednesday, Cllr Brown said: “We need to get the glass off the cycleways. If you’re a new cyclist, or a youngster riding for the first time, what is the most demoralising is when you get a puncture.

“Unfortunately, there are sections on the cycleways – for example by Fairlands Way – where there has been broken glass for a fairly long time.

“And if it is possible to put in a few more cleaning rounds, that would be really welcome.”

Council leader Sharon Taylor agreed that “it was a very simple change” which could have a big impact on the uptake of cycling in the town.

“It’s really important that as people think of trying to cycle to work, after taking it up as part of their hourly exercise, the last thing we want to happen is the first time they go out, they get punctures, and never want to do it again.”

Cllr Taylor confirmed that the issue would be “moved forward” by the council’s environment team.

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