Interactive map shows HertsLive’s comprehensive list of 43-minute reviews of Hertfordshire towns

Hertfordshire is a county filled with rich history and popular landmarks that can be discovered across our extensive area of notable towns and villages. Our county has many fascinating areas, particularly those with attractions that are ‘hidden gems’ for some people outside of Hertfordshire.

From small villages like Bovingdon, Redbourn and others to high footfall towns and cities like St Albans, Berkhamsted, Hertford, Harpenden and more – there are several places to experience to truly get the feel of leafy Hertfordshire. Our county provides some great days out across many areas, where young families can take their little ones to see different types of attractions during their leisure time.

We at HertsLive have taken trips to several areas across the county, where we go out and give Hertfordshire areas the 43-minute review treatment. This is HertsLive ‘s feature where we start the stopwatch and take a look around in a particular area of the county to discover everything it has to offer.

By doing this, we inform our readers on what the Hertfordshire areas have to offer in terms of bars, restaurants, its shopping experience, the area’s nature, and give it an overall rating. Some areas might be more fascinating than others, however we will continue to visit our county’s areas to highlight what they have to offer while also covering residents concerns in those areas.

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What are HertsLive’s 43-minute reviews?

The concept is very easy to understand as we go to a place in Hertfordshire, start the stopwatch and we get 43-minutes to have a look around.

In doing so we hope to grasp a quick first-time impression of the place and we will tell you what we found in our reviews.

We’ll let you know what we find of interest and that could literally be anything – from the amount of shops that are vacant, the ongoing development in the area or just the general feel of the place.

There could also be some interesting characters we come across along the way.

At the end we will then give some final rankings for that place in six different categories and as the reviews go on it means readers can compare and contrast them with other locations in the county!

From visiting Letchworth Garden City – the UK’s first ‘Garden City’ with a long history attached to it – to wondering around the historic market town of Hertford with endless bars and restaurants, we’ve visited some of the best places our county has to offer.

The historic town of Hertford – which is the administrative centre of Hertfordshire – is where our county began back in Anglo-Saxan period. The county town’s name is taken from the Anglo-Saxon ‘heort ford’, which means the deer crossing of a watercourse, and the name Hertfordshire was first recorded in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle in 1011.

We’ve covered a considerable amount of 43-minute reviews for Hertfordshire areas, covering almost all the major areas. But just how impressive are these Hertfordshire areas according to HertsLive and are they worth the trip?

We will continue to do more reviews, so if you have any suggestions let us know in the comments section. But here is a map of HertsLive ‘s 43-minute reviews across our county, where readers can interact and read our reviews.

To interact with our visualisation in another window, click here to view the map with all our recent reviews included to read.

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